One of the Oldest Cities Builds Turkeys Largest Waste Water Treatment Plant

Due to the city’s increasing population, the Turkish Government sponsored the program to expand the waste water treatment plant in Gaziantep. This will be Turkeys’ largest advanced biological wastewater treatment plant when completed.

Pilsan İnşaat was awarded the contract to install the HDPE pipe for the project which ranged from 200mm to 2000mm for the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. They also supply all fabricated fittings.

When the project is finalized, the waste water, equal to 1 million people and 200 thousand cubic meters of capacity, will be extracted. The plant also removes nitrogen and phosphorus in the waste water.

With over ₺103,000,000 ($27,265,000USD) budgeted for the project, the waste water treatment plant is planned to be opened by the end of 2018. On completion of the project, the waste water problems of Gaziantep in Turkey will be solved until at least 2060.