16mm, 630mm, 0", 0"

This automatic electrofusion welding unit is designed to join PE and PP pressure fittings from 16mm to 630mm that weld at a constant voltage between 8 volts and 48 volts. It has been designed for the rental market where its rugged design reduces downtime and saves money, and can weld fittings in manual mode, Fusamatic mode and bar code automatic mode and has a data log memory of more than 2000 welds that can be downloaded using USB memory. The 447 terminals eliminate the need for adaptors due to it being a dual size terminal (both 4.0mm and 4.7mm), and the CCD scanner ensures and easy read of bar codes.

Approvals UK - GIS ECE1
Operating mode - Manual, Barcode and Fusamatic
Controlled welding voltage - 39.5 V (8 V to 48 V)
Welding current - 1 to 65A (100A peak)
Welding time - 1 to 3600 seconds
Supply voltage - 110V or 230V (40-60Hz)
Supply current - 1-28A (110V) 1-14A (230V)
Supply power - 3500 W
Weight - 28 kg
Size - 38 x 38 x 40 cm
Operating temperature - -15C to +50C
Programmable Maintenance
Waterproof & Dustproof to IP65
Backlit four line display
Alphanumeric keypad
Multi-lingual intuitive menu
Configurable operation
Ohms, Volts, Amps meters built in
Fusion time and energy displayed
Manual entry of fusion time
Bar code entry of fusion time
Temperature compensation
CCD scanner
Data log memory (2048 welds)
Data download to USB memory
Software upgrade from USB memory
Data download PC software
Read traceability codes
Operator welding pass
Wireless email and SMS text - Optional
GPS location logging - Optional
Mobile phone App compatible
447 terminals eliminates need to pin adaptors

Technical details are subject to change without notice

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