ATS250 Hire

16mm, 400mm, 0", 0"

ATS250 is a fully featured, versatile and easily operated electrofusion welding unit, ideally designed to join PE pressure electrofusion fittings from 16mm to 400mm welding at a constant voltage between 8 volts and 48 volts. European designed and manufactured with portability in mind, it has been constructed in a small lightweight metal case, making it easy to carry and use. Able to weld fittings in both manual and bar code mode, ATS250 has a data log memory of more than 2000 welds which can be downloaded using USB memory. The 447 terminals eliminate the need for adaptors due to it being a dual size terminal (both 4.0mm and 4.7mm), and the CCD scanner ensures and easy read of bar codes.

Capacity - 16mm to 400mm
Bar code entry of fusion time
Manual entry of fusion time
Ambient temperature compensation
Nett weight - 20kg
Requires minimum 230V 4.5kVa generator - provide full machine details to generator supplier before purchase
Technical details are subject to change without notice

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