Debeader Internal

Internal debeaders supplied by Worldpoly are manufactured in Scandinavia to the highest standards. Although the internal beads are small and rounded causing little disturbance to flow, bead removal is sometimes required in order to comply with a clients' contract. They have a capacity from Ø 90 up to Ø 630 mm / 3" to 24", and from SDR / DR 11 to 41. If beads thicker than SDR/DR 11 are to be removed, please contact for advice, and it is important to note that beads must be removed within the first 50% of the standard weld cooling time. This set consists of 6 pcs of alloy rods 2.15 meters each, one acting as a turn handle. 6 different pcs of centre rings are included to ensure that the first rod is aligned in the pipe. Alloy rods are delivered in a special carrying bag with a handle. 6 different debeader heads are available to suit inside diameters, and the internal debeader rod set can be extended up to 24 meters with the purchase of extra rods.

For the removal and extraction of internal beads formed during the process of butt welding
The standard rod set allows the removal of internal weld beads up to 12m / 40' from the pipe end
Additional rods allow debeading up to 24m / 80'
Separated bead is held by the debeader during removal

Please talk with us about your butt welding needs. We need to know what you plan to weld with your new Worldpoly equipment so that we can recommend the most cost effective solution. We pride ourselves in helping to improve your bottom line.

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