32mm, 315mm, 0", 0"

This equipment is designed to weld electrofusion fittings suitable for low pressure PE pipe work systems from 32mm to 315mm diameter. The welding output of this equipment is a controlled current of 5A or 10A and a controlled voltage of 220V. It has been designed to operate on a 230V supply and has been made in a hand held plastic case that is easy to hold and carry. It has a steel carrying box to protect it from harsh construction site conditions. It can weld fittings commonly made by Geberit, Wavin, Valsir, Polypipe and Akatherm which are used for siphonic rainwater and waste water applications.

Capacity: 32 to 315mm
Welding time: 80 to 420 seconds
Supply voltage: 230V (40-60Hz)
Supply current: 1-14A (230V)
Supply power: 3300 W
Weight: 4 kg
Size: 20 x 10 x 6 cm
Operating temperature: 15C to +50C
Environmental protection: IP65
Supply cable: 5m
Welding cable: 3m
Yellow Mode:
- Geberit, Wavin, Polypipe, Valsir, Akatherm: 32mm to 160mm
- Controlled welding current: 5A
- Welding voltage: 28V to 186V
Blue Mode:
- Polypipe, Valsir, Akatherm: 200mm to 315mm
- Controlled welding voltage: 230V
- Welding current: 4A to 10A
Red Mode:
- Geberit: 200mm to 315mm
- Controlled welding voltage: 230V
- Welding current: 4A to 11A
Brown Mode:
- Wavin WaviDuo: 200mm to 315mm
- Controlled welding current: 10A
- Welding voltage: 28V to 186V

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