PolyCheck 4" Compact

0mm, 0mm, 0", 4"

POLYCHECK COMPACT FOOT VALVES WITH BASKET, by TermoPro Chile With more than 40 years in the PE pipe, fittings and valves industry, TermPro Chile is Latin Americas’ premier manufacturer of PE pipe fittings and valves. If Central and South America, with a population in excess of 600 million and a collective GDP of 9,500,000 million means nothing to you as a reference, please look it up. POLYCHECK HDPE foot valve with basket - produced from 3" to 14" Table D, DIN and ANSI. PolyCheck valves provide a hermetic closure, allowing you to use it as a check valve in discharge and foot valve in suction. The locking mechanism is activated by a spring system which ensures the complete closure of the valve. This system requires very low pressure so that the mechanism opens (between 0.5 and 1.5 psi), so our valve pressure loss is very low.

PolyCheck HDPE valves and strainers are warranted for two years from the date of invoice.
MAIN characteristics of the valve POLYCHECK HDPE
Valve body built of high density polyethylene (HDPE).
The locking mechanism is designed to close a moment before reversal of the flow. This decreases the water hammer. Clapper cannot lock in the open position.
All metal-work is built in stainless steel.
Disc made in extra durable HDPE, valve seat does not drip or stick.
The broad design or valve body allows unrestricted flow.
Independent of the position in which it is installed, horizontal, vertical, or inclined, WorldPoly PolyCheck Valve operates effectively and normally.
Minimum maintenance and inspection due to their design.
Pressure Max. 150 psi (10.5 Bar).
Completely resistant to all kinds of corrosion found in normal applications.
Complete and ultra-lightweight for easy handling and installation by the operator, does not require additional elements.
MAIN features of the basket POLYSCREEN
Basket reinforced 100% HDPE.
Bolts incorporated into the valve body.
Basket holes of 10 mm.
Filter Area 6 times greater than the area of suction.

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