PolyForce630i Tracked

250mm, 630mm, 0", 0"

Worldpoly PolyForce630i Tracked Fusion Machine. Manufactured in Australia.

Arguably the fastest, safest, most consistent butt welding machine available. Thanks to 5 years of research and development and Worldpolys' 60 years of PE pipeline experience, every weld is the same. PolyForce630i Tracked gives you complete control over welding by virtually removing operator variables.
The standard machine includes:
Safety as first priority.
Two speed rubber tracks with cordless remote control.
Complete set of two-piece liners including ISO 630, 560, 500, 450, 400, 355, 315, 280 & 250mm or IPS 24", 22", 20", 18", 16", 14", 12" & 10".
External pipe lifters for operator safety.
Facing tool, heating plate and main clamps cannot crash.
On-board data logger.
Hands-free clamping of pipe.
Low-noise 1800 RPM diesel.

- PolyForce630i Tracked HDPE Fusion Machine - Australian Made with safety and productivity as priorities
- High-pressure welding from 250 to 630mm
- Total weight 3,900 kg
- Yamaha diesel engine 37.1 HP / 26.8 kW. Tier 4 Final for North American deliveries
- Heating plate 8.5 kW
- Total cylinder section 8488mm2 or 16849 mm2, maximum pressure 205 Bar
- Track mounted. Self contained and self propelled with cordless remote and on-board data logger
- Capacity 250 to 630mm OD. Includes two-piece clamp inserts for pipe and fittings diameters 630, 560, 500, 450, 400, 355, 315, 280 & 250mm.
- IPS Capacity 10" to 24". Includes two-piece clamp inserts for pipe and fittings diameters 24", 22", 20", 18", 16", 14", 12" & 10"
Genuine 3 year International warranty
Welding according to ISO 21307-2017 Single High Pressure & ASTM F 2620-19. Also welds to ISO 21307 SLP and DVS
Hydraulic in/out facing tool and heating plate with crash protection. No longer are these considered consumables
Hydraulic open/close/locking of main clamps without operator contact. Impossible to crash main clamps with facing tool and heating plate.
Engine - On-board Yanmar 2 litre, 4 cylinder, 1800 RPM low-noise, low fuel consumption diesel, Tier 4 for North America or as requested
Simple operation. Automatic or manual butt fusion. 20,000+ weld data logging included. Maximum 10 second changeover time for 630mm SDR 11 in Automatic mode
Locally serviceable
Pipe clamps prevent slippage even under extreme conditions, which is detected by the machine in case of undersized pipe
External hydraulic pipe lifters front and rear for operator safety
Industry Standard track assembly, Hitachi specification rubber tracks, two-speed, automatic braking when stopped
Butt welding unit easily removed for site and trench work using optional trench-kit
Australian made, built tough, low-noise. Just what you've been looking for
Welded steel machine frame and tracked base
Rated lifting points on welding machine and frame, optional spreader bar
Maximum system pressure - 205 Bar / 2,900 psi
Fuel capacity - 90 litres / 23.7 US Gallon
Weight - 3.9 metric tonne / 4.3 US tons
Technical specifications subject to change without notice. Please check at time of order confirmation.

Please talk with us about your butt welding needs. We need to know what you plan to weld with your new Worldpoly equipment so that we can recommend the most cost effective solution. We pride ourselves in helping to improve your bottom line.

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