PolyForce630i Trench

315mm, 630mm, 0", 0"

Worldpoly PolyForce630i Trench Fusion Machine. Australian Made.

Born from nearly 60 years and three generations of experience with PE pipe and a 3 year dedicated research and development project with Bosch Rexroth, Worldpoly manufactures the PolyRover and PolyForce range in Australia to provide todays' HDPE pipe fusion machine for welding according to both high and low pressure standards.
PolyForce630i Trench provides the highest quality and most consistent high and low pressure butt fusion possible. High pressure (SHP) SDR 11 HDPE butt welds consistently test between 101% and 107% of host pipe strength. Under the correct site conditions, PolyForce630/24 CNC can reduce welding time by more than 50%.
The unit was designed with Occupational Health and Safety (as well as usability) in mind. Two-handed controls with dead-man switches, keyed hydraulic safety lockout, 4 x Cat3 E-stops and restricted human entry to danger zones mean a significantly safer working environment for operators. Operator training is provided with every machine, including registered licence. The machine can be supplied to operate only when this licence number is entered.
A 5 second automatic changeover time for 630mm OD SDR 11 and impossible to crash pipe faces after heating reduces or eliminates brittle failure through operator variables. Automatic intuitive CNC or manual control gives you optimal control. Highest possible level of HDPE pipe weld quality, and easier to use than a smartphone.
Automatic control of temperature, time and pressure through the use of Bosch Rexroths almost indestructible mobile PLC – the same as is used in underground rock drills, means it's a tough as your worksite. The fully automatic heating, changeover and cooling cycle following entry of welding standard, pipe diameter and wall thickness or SDR and automatic detection of pipe slippage takes away the chance of error. Incorporated 20,000 weld data logging, optional remote Bluetooth, GPS & Satellite communication, and GPS means you have full welding data in hand.
Hydraulic open/close/locking clamps, heating plate and facing tool without operator contact, and the clamps, heating plate and facing tool cannot crash. Butt welding between clamps 2 & 3 or 3 & 4 for fittings, fabrications etc. makes the machine a true multi-tasker.
Australian designed and manufactured, the toughest and arguably most easily operated HDPE pipe welding machine on the market. PolyForce630/24 CNC reduces welding time and workload on remote sites, allowing superb quality control, and faster, more efficient butt fusion of PE and PP pipelines. Practical design with the ability to butt weld HDPE pipe at both high and low pressure. Manual or CNC operation, hydraulically lifted facing tool and heating plate, hydraulic controls and pump all on-board the main frame. Hydraulic open/close/locking of pipe clamps - with crash protection and without operator contact during operation.
Easy pipeline, trench or workshop butt fusion machine, supplied complete and ready to weld from 315 to 630mm / 8" or 12” to 24" diameter pipes and fittings between clamps 3 & 4 for tight work, plus high quality and sturdy construction provides an excellent platform for pipeline welding. Standard pricing includes all diameter clamps and stub device. PolyForce630 CNC. Todays’ HDPE fusion welder to take your business to the next level.

PolyForce630/24 Trench - Australian Made
Genuine 5 year international warranty
Hydraulic in/out facing tool and heating plate with crash protection. No longer are these considered consumables
Hydraulic open/close/locking of main clamps without operator contact
Simple operation. Automatic or manual. Integral 5000+ weld data logger
Bosch Rexroth hydraulics for highest quality and local serviceability
Pipe clamps prevent slippage even under extreme conditions. Machine detection of pipe slippage in case of significantly undersized pipe.
External hydraulic pipe lifters front and rear
Self-contained welding unit easily moved for site and trench work
Built tough, locally serviceable, low-noise. Just what you've been looking for
Capacity 315 to 630mm OD. Two-piece clamp inserts for pipe and fittings diameters 630, 560, 500, 450, 400, 355, 315, 280, 250 & 225mm (or 24" to 8").
Hydraulics and controls - Bosch Rexroth, locally serviceable
Welded steel welding machine frame
Rated lifting points on welding machine and frame. Optional spreader bar
Maximum pump operating pressure - 200 bar / 20 MPa
Total cylinder section - 3660mm2, 7200mm2 or 13,000mm2
Weight - 1400 kg

Technical specifications subject to change without notice. Please check at time of order confirmation.

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