1200mm, 2000mm, 48", 80"

Hydraulically operated pipe saw specifically produced for the preparation of pipe segments in HDPE, PP and other thermoplastic materials, used for the production of bends, tees and other fabrications. Capacity 1200 to 2000mm / 48 to 80". Cutting angle up to 67 degrees. Lowering rate of saw is hydraulically controlled, as are the top-mounted V-clamps used to hold pipe segments in place. Saw blade made in Germany.

Cutting range 1200 to 2000mm OD / 48 to 80"
Capacity 2000mm & 1800mm maximum SDR 17. 1600mm, 1400mm & 1200mm maximum SDR 13.6
67 degree maximum cutting angle allows production of segments for bends, tees and Y-branch tees.
Angular cutting error equal to or less than 1 degree.
Genuine 24 month international warranty.
400 volt 3 phase 50 Hz (3.7 kw 8.3 A) / 220 volt 3 phase 60 Hz

Please note technical specifications of Worldpoly machines may change without notice

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