0mm, 0mm, 36", 63"

Hydraulically operated CNC controlled workshop machine for the butt-welding of pipes and fittings in HDPE. Pivoting clamps allow for the fabrication of fittings having different radii. Included are hydraulic open/close/locking main clamps and insert liners required to produce 36" to 63" segment welded bends, 90 degree tees and crosses. Optional main clamps are available to produce branch tees and true-wyes 36" to 63" IPS. DIPS clamps are also available within this range. Welding operations are carried out at variable interface pressures. CNC touch-screen control of welding operations and integral 20,000+ weld data logger are standard. Please note that unlike many, this machine is capable of producing the entire range of fittings across all diameters.

Complete PolyWorkshop63/36, including hydraulic open/close/locking main clamps for bends, 90 degree tees and equal crosses to suit 63, 54, 48, 42, 40 & 36" IPS.

Please talk with us about your butt welding needs. We need to know what you plan to weld with your new Worldpoly equipment so that we can recommend the most cost effective solution. We pride ourselves in helping to improve your bottom line.

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