355mm, 1400mm, 0", 0"

PowerScrape1400 is a specifically created machine for scraping large diameter HDPE pressure pipes according to the requirements for electrofusion fittings and helps you to save time and effort on the job-site. It is clamped onto the pipe wall and moves automatically around the pipe's circumference. Pipe ovality does not affect the depth of the cut. It is further equipped with a connection for industrial vacuum cleaners. The flexible construction enables a scraping length of up to 350 mm, which is ideal for electrofusion fittings d 355 - d 1400 mm.

Scraping width - 175 / 350mm
Scraping depth - 0.2 & 0.4
Scraping speed - 0.8m/min
Weight - 16kg
Power scraping motor - 1600W
Power driving motor - 150W
Input power - 230V/50Hz

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